Blue Suede Invitational 2017

Saturday, January 21               Medina Middle School

1:00          Westover                           Rutherford                                  Girls

2:15          Westover                                    USJ                                       Boys

3:30          JR Pioneers               Jackson Christian                       Girls


Saturday, January 21      South Gibson County High School

12:00                 TCA                             Milan                                   Girls

1:15                   TCA                    Savannah Christian                    Boys

2:30                   Medina                      Camden                              Girls

3:45          Stewart County                 Crockett                             Boys


Home team is listed first and will wear white.

Monday, January 23 Medina Middle School

6:00                       A Girls Semifinal

7:30                       A Girls Semifinal



Monday, January 23 South Gibson County High School

6:00                      AA Girls Semifinal

7:30                      AA Girls Semifinal




Thursday, January 26 Medina Middle School

6:00                       A Boys Semifinal

7:30                       A Boys Semifinal



Thursday, January 26 South Gibson County High School

6:00                     AA Boys Semifinal

7:30                     AA Boys Semifinal




Saturday, January 28 Medina Middle School

12:00                   A Girls Third Place

1:30                  A Girls Championship

3:00                    A Boys Third Place

4:30                 A Boys Championship



Saturday, January 28 South Gibson County High School

12:00                 AA Girls Third Place

1:30                AA Girls Championship

3:00                  AA Boys Third Place

4:30               AA Boys Championship



Home team is listed at the top of the bracket and will wear white.