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Honoring a Legacy

This tournament was named to honor the music and philanthropic legacy of Carl Perkins, whose record, “Blue Suede Shoes” is regarded in music history as one of the all time greats.

Raising Money for Children

The Carl Perkins Exchange Club raises awareness of child abuse everywhere. A donation will be made to the Center from the proceeds of the tournament.

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  • The deadline for entering has been extended through January 11!
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2014 Results

AA Boys
Champs: USJ
Runner-up: Trenton
Third: Decatur Co.
Fourth: Crockett Co

AA Girls
Champs: Medina
Runner-up: USJ
Third: White House Heritage
Fourth: Decatur Co.

A Boys
Champs: Savannah Christian
Third: Rutherford
Fourth: TCA B

A Girls
Champs: Rutherford
Runner-up: Westover
Third: TCA
Fourth: Jackson Christian


Blue Suede Invitational All-Tournament

Girls A
Madison Baird-MVP Rutherford
Hannah Ball-Rutherford
McKinley Burkett-Rutherford
Kaitlynn Kelley-Westover
Kinnley Alexander-Westover
Larrya Stegall-Westover
Savannah Lee- TCA
Anna Baker-TC A
Sydney Watson-Jackson Christian

Girls AA
Chynna Hayes-MVP Medina
Savannah Beaton-Medina
Cassidy Heath-Medina
Gabbi Helton-Medina
Ashton Hulme- USJ
Kallie Pickens-USJ
Kaliegh Kwasisgroh-USJ
Callie Roach-White House Heritage
Chelsea Burton-White House Heritage
Deidre McElrath-Decatur Co.

Boys A
Nathan Caldwell-MVP-Savannah Christian
Andy Reid-Savannah Christian
Bailey Bond- Savannah Christian
Seth Scott-Savannah Christian
Isaac Darnall- Black Oak
Jonathan Davis- Black Oak
Hunter Smith-Black Oak
Noah Stafford-Rutherford
Cameron McMackin-Rutherford
Harrison Williams-TCA

Boys AA
Brandon Craig MVP-USJ
Harrison Homberg-USJ
Cullen Hughes-USJ
Gehrig Rabun-USJ
Timothy Fields-Trenton
Hunter Hudson-Trenton
Cameron Luten-Trenton
Daryl McElrath-Decatur Co.
Khamon Garrett-Decatur Co.
Jordan Branch-Crockett Co.







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We appreciate and want to recognize our sponsors! Please contact us if your organization is interested in sponsoring this event!